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National Education Association and Quaker Valley
Charles Wolfe July 10, 2021

I’m sure you have heard recent reports pertaining to the National Education Association (NEA). The NEA adopted New Business Item 39 (BI39) earlier this month. Per Part B, its stated intent is:

"provide an already-created, in-depth, study that critiques empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society, and that we oppose attempts to ban critical race theory and/or The 1619 Project."

The NEA believes it is perfectly fine to indoctrinate with these divisive, racist ideas. Part C of BI39 says:

"[t]he Association will further convey that in teaching these topics, it is reasonable and appropriate for curriculum to be informed by academic frameworks for understanding and interpreting the impact of the past on current society, including critical race theory."

Why is this important for us at Quaker Valley (QV)? The NEA is the largest teachers’ union in the country with affiliates everywhere. One such affiliate is the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) which is the largest teachers’ union in PA. The PSEA website contains a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement. As an advocate for "Transformational Change in our schools," PSEA’s statement reads, in part:

"PSEA is committed to an organizational culture that understands the historic roots of structural racism and its legacy of injustice. We commit to actively and continuously educating our members on the necessity of full inclusion and honest reflection on those efforts."

Like the NEA, the PSEA is advocating for the same segregationist teaching. Also like the NEA, the PSEA is divided into several regional associations. As per their website, one such association is the Quaker Valley Education Association (QVEA). A search on the QV website for the text "QVEA" reveals a couple telling pieces of information:

The top of my search results contained an entry entitled Welcome to QVEA which is a secured sub-section of the larger QV website. However, if you look at the text revealed in the search results, you read: "[a]s a QVEA member, you are also a member of PSEA and NEA."

In the FAQ Archives under the heading Instruction Options, a question about using cameras in the classroom is presented, the response reads, in part: "this type of instructional model would be a change in the working environment that is not currently outlined in the collective bargaining agreement with the Quaker Valley Education Association." How obligated is QV to teaching how and what QVEA tells them too?

The NEA, through the QVEA, will bully QV teachers, and the district, to implement its propaganda. So when school board member Gianni Floro says he is "disappointed in the public … in not trusting … its teachers" (board meeting on June 15, 2021), should we? When faced with union pressure, it isn’t a question of if any teachers will cave to it, but how many and which ones? When will the tenets of BI39 be used to mentally enslave our children?