Quaker Valley
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Reported Incidents for the 2021-2022 School Year

These are the incidents as reported by various parents and students during the 2021-2022 school year. They are listed in reverse chronological order based on date the information was confirmed.

Co-Ed Bathrooms
December 1, 2021

It has been brought to my attention that a 5th grade female student in Osborn has changed their name to masculine and is now able to start using the boys room. I questioned the district on their policy (as no specific policy is found on the website). Dr. Andreyko replied with the following:

"In the topic that you reference, you will find that QV Policy 103 addresses matters of Discrimination/Title IX Sexual Harassment Affecting Students. This policy applies to all students in all grade levels. Any student (K-12) is able to use the restroom of the gender in which he/she identifies. That is afforded to all students as a practice that is in line with federal civil rights guidance as it applies to Title IX institutions as well as current case law that has come out of several federal circuit courts. I would call your attention to Doe v. Boyertown as it is a 3rd circuit case from Pennsylvania and is fairly recent (2018)."

Nobody wants any student discriminated against; this isn't about discrimination.

In the last few months, a boy wearing a skirt at Stone Bridge High School (Loudoun County, VA) was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault on female students -- one of which occurred in the female bathroom due due to the school's transgender bathroom policy. This proves that having polices such as this are dangerous. Parents, especially those of daughters, should be outraged with this!

Does QV's policy apply to locker rooms as well? What is going to happen when/if a "Loundoun County incident" happens at QV? What is going to happen when a hormone-crazed boy takes pictures in the girls locker-room and distributes them? Do you agree with Dr. Andreyko that Title IX allows for "bathroom choice" and that Doe v. Boyertown is about allowing students to pick their bathroom?

Do you think students, especially females, are put in danger by this policy? Should males and females in K-12 should be allowed to share a the same bathroom?

If you disagree with this policy at Quaker Valley, make your voice heard through emails, letters and/or phone calls. Let them know this is not okay.

If this policy is allowed to remain, it might be time for those who disagree with CRT, including gender-theory, to have a mass exodus from QV. Enroll your children in cyber/charter (cost you nothing), private (first inquire about their stance on the subject) or home school.

Safe Space for All?
August 28, 2021

At least one classroom (room 300) in the high school contain(s) poster(s) stating "This is a safe and inclusive space for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and their allies." Does this mean it isn't safe for other group identities? Is the school a safe place for a student to state the Bible principle that homosexuality is wrong; or would they be singled out and possibly reprimanded? This is not only pushing a political agenda, it is reinforcing the ideology of Marx/CRT of group identity. Does Mr. Floro still think "we should trust our teachers?"

Identity and power
August 27, 2021

Mr. Kelly, an 8th grade American History teacher stated, as shown in the slides below, that he wants the students to focus on six "throughlines (sic)." These through lines are a lens in which all of the year's curriculum should be viewed. One of the through lines is: "How does identity give certain groups power?" Anybody who knows anything about CRT, knows this is the basis of the New York Times 1619 Project. What identities is he referring to as having power; whites? Does that mean they are the oppressors and other groups are the oppressed as Marx taught? Does Mr. Floro still think "we should trust our teachers?"

Gender Pronouns
August 26, 2021

On the first day of school, Mrs. Olson had asked her 6th grade ELA students for their gender pronouns and requested they respect each other's pronouns. Thanks to the pressure put on the school by parents, she has apologized and stated it won't happen in the future. Once again, thank you all for letting the Middle School know that this is not acceptable.

Likewise, many teachers in the middle/high schools have also questioned students on their pronouns.

This informtion was confirmed via a right-to-know request.

This is unacceptable because many parents do not want teachers pushing a political agenda in our schools. While all students, regardless of gender preference, must be treated with respect, this singles out certain students, labeling them with their group identity. This is the exact premise of the CRT/Marxist ideology. Additionally, it can add peer-pressure to students who believe there are only on two genders. Mrs. Andreyko is reportedly ramping up a Kent State style Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team. Is this treating all students equally or inclusive? If a student states there are only two genders, will they be equally supported and included? Does Mr. Floro still think "we should trust our teachers?"